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24 pack of 275ml bottles.

Choose your flavours, up to 4 different flavours inside your case of 24 bottles so you can select your most fave’s and keep everyone in the house or office happy with a little more variety and noting you won’t love.

Once you have completed your order please email and confirm which juices you would like inside your case. Up to 4 flavours per case (at 6 units each). Select from: Apple, Apple & Boysenberry, Apple & Feijoa , Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Cherry, Apple & Mango, Apricot, Nectarine, Orange! Mix and match to get your favourites!

Apple: 100% pure Central Otago Apples. Bottled in season for a clear, pure and fresh from the orchard taste. Each bottle is unique, just like the organically grown fruit we select to create this classic Benjer taste with. Shake it to see the apple goodness, with the drink itself a sweet, smooth and refreshing taste of summer. Warmed with cider, or lemon and honey, and with no added sugar this is a safe alternative for little ones who love the apple flavour.

Apple & Boysenberry: A perfect blend of Central Otago Apples and Boysenberries from Nelson. Dark and mysterious, the Apple Boysenberry is robust in flavour, letting the berries speak for themselves. A little tart, with natural sweetness of apple and no added sugar, a unique juice that is highly regarded by our most loyal Benjer customers and one that should be tried by everyone.

Apple & Feijoa: Low in calories and fat, Feijoa’s are filled with antioxidant-rich vitamin C, as well as B vitamins, vitamin E, and vitamin K, and aside from their mineral properties, the fruit’s juice has an enjoyable sweet and tart taste similar to that of a quince or lemon. It is the perfect mix for a creative cocktail and is one of our most popular flavours. Distinctive and hard to find elsewhere, our Feijoa and apple flavour is a combination of local fruit and years of experience and creativity in the beverage industry. No added sugars and, the Apple Feijoa is a firm favourite with its’ strong Feijoa hit, gritty and full of flavour this juice is true to the fruit.

Apple & Raspberry: Sometimes sweet, sometimes tart, mother natures’ raspberries are bright, pink and loud. Raspberries from Otago blended with sweet apple, gives this juice perfect balance. The kid’s will love it but you better hide it because, while it doesn’t have any added sugar, you know what they say about anything red and once they taste it that will be it for other coloured juices! The Apple Raspberry is absolutely delicious, each sip is refreshing, rich in flavour, with a vibrant sweet taste, and one bottle is only just enough.

Apply & Cherry: If you like cherries, you’ll love this delicious Benjer juice. One of Cromwell’s signature flavours that can be enjoyed year round as a refreshing pick me up. No added sugar, this natural blend of Central Otago Apples and Cherries is made with premium quality fruit sourced locally.

Apple & Mango: One that all ages will enjoy, the Apple & Mango has no added sugar and offers a general all round sweetness. The clean apple flavour, found in the locally sourced Cromwell Apple’s and combined with Mango, makes this exotic mix a must for those who love tropical fruits and something a little sweeter. Natural fruit fibre and a taste that remembers summer flavours and tropical holidays. Put your feet up, put on your tropical playlist and pretend you’re on holiday with these smooth mango flavours.

Apricot: Remember Grandma’s Apricot jam? The rich flavours of classic apricot are subtle, sweet and just a little bit earthy, and translate perfectly to our beautiful Apricot juice. Central is known for its’ stone fruit and especially it’s Apricots and this juice is more than a momento of our region, mixed with mineral water from the Pisa Range this juice is a spring and summer essential that all ages will love. Sweet, textured and truly Apricot this one will bring back memories of summer in Central.

Nectarine: A fan favourite, this delicious nectarine juice is something quite unique. Cromwell grown Nectarines are blended with our own mineral water to produce a sublime taste experience. Add to your favourite cocktail as a sweet hit of NZ summer, or indulge in a refreshing afternoon pick me up that tastes better than big name brands, and standard fruit flavours. Nectarines are a treat, available for a short time each year, this juice captures the flavour and tastes amazing. How do we know? The feedback on the Nectarine  is unanimous, and it is one of our biggest sellers.

Orange: What kind of juice company would we be if we couldn’t tackle the staple juice taste of Orange. Except our signature recipe is a little bit extra special and is made with mineral water from the Pisa Range. Full of orange flavour without the floaty bits and not overly sweet, our Orange is the icing on the cake to our delicious, natural juice range.

All 275ml favours available (except tomato).

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