Apple & Feijoa – 24 Pack


24 pack of 275ml bottles.

Low in calories and fat, Feijoa’s are filled with antioxidant-rich vitamin C, as well as B vitamins, vitamin E, and vitamin K, and aside from their mineral properties, the fruit’s juice has an enjoyable sweet and tart taste similar to that of a quince or lemon. It is the perfect mix for a creative cocktail and is one of our most popular flavours. Distinctive and hard to find elsewhere, our Feijoa and apple flavour is a combination of local fruit and years of experience and creativity in the beverage industry. No added sugars and, the Apple Feijoa is a firm favourite with its’ strong Feijoa hit, gritty and full of flavour this juice is true to the fruit. This case includes 24 x 275ml bottles but if you would like to combine your Apple & Feijoa with another of our favourites, you can select the Mixed Packwith a variety of flavours, or choose up to 4 flavours of your choice inside our Choose your Mix Box.