Nectarine – 24 Pack


24 pack of 275ml bottles.

A fan favourite, this delicious nectarine juice is something quite unique. Cromwell grown Nectarines are blended with our own mineral water to produce a sublime taste experience. Add to your favourite cocktail as a sweet hit of NZ summer, or indulge in a refreshing afternoon pick me up that tastes better than big name brands, and standard fruit flavours. Nectarines are a treat, available for a short time each year, this juice captures the flavour and tastes amazing. How do we know? The feedback on the Nectarine  is unanimous, and it is one of our biggest sellers. This case includes 24 x 275ml bottles but if you would like to combine your Nectarine with another of our favourites, you can select the Mixed Pack with a variety of flavours, or choose up to 4 flavours of your choice inside our Choose your Mix Box.